Hair staples to tame the mane

Waiting for the return of salons? Check out our hair care staples below for frizz battling solutions to keeping you locks in check.

With hundreds of haircare items to choose from in stores, each claiming to be the next miracle product for your hair, it can be a little confusing which ones to invest in. This becomes even harder when your on a budget.... That's why I've narrowed it down to my favourite tried and tested items below.

1. Maui Moisture Hair Care Shampoo and Conditioner

It all starts with the basics as i'm sure your all know and thats why i'm loving the Maui Moisture's range of products. Each one is carefully formulated to give your hair a healthy glow with the added bonus that their range is paraben and silicone free!

Since using its shampoo and conditioner, my hair has definitely been more manageable.

Available from Boots and selected supermarkets from £8.99, i've often seen it on offer so it definitely one to try.

2. You've heard it before but Olaplex No.3 is a hair saver!

Yes, yes... We know you've heard it before but Olaplex No.3 is the cult favourite that works. Containing a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level, its formula seeks out broken bonds in the hair and actually repairs them.

For anyone looking to keep their hair in tip top condition, this at home treatment is an absolute must. You can find it online from numerous retailers from £26.00.

I will however state that for those on a budget, the price is a little steep and so alternatively, why not try rice water as at cost effective hair care solution instead. I personally alternate between both Olaplex and using rice water treatment once every two weeks.

3. TRESemmé Heat Protector is a must

Well any heat protector is a must when styling your hair but for an affordable option that works, I use TRESemmé Keratin Smooth.

You can purchase it from a range of suppliers from as little as £2.99 including Boots and Superdrug.

4. Moroccanoil to give your hair that added shine

Talk about leaving your hair smooth, shiny and smelling great. Morroccanoil is an absolute dream for those suffering from frizz. Enriched with Argan Oil and Linseed Extract, it's rich in fatty acids and antioxidants giving you a salon finish to any styled do.

Available online from £13.45 for a 25ml bottle. Alternatively, if you looking for a purse friendly version, try Hask Argan Oil from Boots.

Ive tried both and while Moroccanoil is my go to, they both smell great and keep my frizz in check.

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